Shots, Shots, Anyone?

The result of last week’s vote, the majority wants to patiently wait for Jason and Catalina to see each other i July. Until then allow me to update you on what kind of mischief she’s gotten herself into now. She recently attended a party thrown by a close friend. She knew all the attendees for various periods of time throughout her life (i.e. co-workers, school peers, childhood friends etc.). It seems she has forgotten just what happens when this particular group of people come together.
Let’s discuss the highlights of the night.
There were endless drinking games, one called Kings. If you haven’t heard of it hears a link to how you play Now what fun would a game be if there wasn’t some cheating going involved? There were only Kings and Queens being picked and when the deck was examined there was well over the normal amount of suits. Then being the innovative crowd that they were designed a completely original game. Spin the Bottle shots, pictured in above photo.
Once everyone was nicely inebriated Truth or Dare began. This is a favorite of Catalina’s. Her good friend Amy started the game off. She dared Alonzo to run around the block in just his boxers. (This was not the first time he had to do this Dare). He agreed without hesitation. He stripped down to just his boxers and then got his running playlist ready.
What I didn’t mention before is that at the end of Plum St. there is a police precinct nestled at the corner. I would consider that a major obstacle. None the less Alonzo took off running like Road Runner being chased by Wile E. Coyote. The group of party goers followed to find him hiding behind a car until a patrol of policemen passed. Alonzo finished his run, remaining the Dare champion for now.
The entire night wasn’t all PG13. Apparently, there was a hook-up while everyone else was partying. I call these two A and B. A has had crush on B for some time but couldn’t close the deal. Again when alcohol comes into play things change. A, somehow convinced B to go for the homerun while everyone was playing Truth or Dare. (I can’t wait to hear how this turns out). While at the end of the night, a friend of Catalina’s tried to take things there with her as well.
Let me explain. Let’s call the friend George. He texted Catalina after the party and asked a question I think most girls would like to be asked. “I’m not being rude or disrespectful but I wanna eat your p***y,” was what the text read. Now Catalina gets propositioned like this quite often. She rolls her eyes and doesn’t respond. That doesn’t stop George for asking again. What makes this question audacious is George isn’t someone Catalina is interested in. They weren’t on the level of becoming more than friends. This question in fact just came out of the blue after George got amply drunk.
What a dilemma she has been facing, she’s getting attention from all the wrong guys and the one that may be right for her is hiding. Please post your opinion on this one in the comment box.


Joyriding with a Stranger: Wait where’s Jason?

I know this post was supposed to be an update of what happened between Catalina and Jason. Remember that divine intervention that she mentioned before, well it turns out that it has struck again. Catalina mentally prepared herself all week for the big moment that she was sure she was going to have. She had gotten her hair done and found a cute outfit in her closet. She polished her nails and toes and looked her absolutely best. While she was waiting in line to enter the church for service she over hears two of the volunteers talking. They mentioned that Jason wouldn’t be in church today because he and the rest of the choir are away in Seattle for a concert.
Sorry guys Catalina’s story with Jason has to be postponed until July. I’m hoping they miraculously bump into each other before then, but at the rate that things are going it looks grim.
Onward to the focus of this blog. Although the night began with a slight set back. Catalina and her best friend Amy found adventure on a bus. After church the routine for these two is to take the B100 to their house because they lived pretty close to each other. What made this night different from all the rest is the fact that they didn’t board the bus to the normal driver of that route. The driver who I dub Lancelot was very charismatic and upbeat. He was amiable and both ladies took a liking to him instantly. The conversation was fun and bubbly until Amy reached her stop. The conversation with Catalina was more in depth uncovering the desires of the soul. Her end of the journey was near until Lancelot asked her to stay on and ride to the last stop. Now Catalina has never done anything like this before and couldn’t pass up a chance to have an adventure, so she said yes.
The last stop changed into riding the entire line all over again. Things seemed to be progressing nicely until Lancelot asked to spend the night. This was a bad omen. They are both strangers and her adventurous side does have its limits. Catalina decided this was the end of the ride until Lancelot circled back around to Amy’s stop and she rejoined the party bus.
Catalina and Amy rode the bus all the way to the depot, there they waited for Lancelot to arrive and give them a ride home. Detour after detour was made, suddenly these ladies began to wonder if they would ever make it home. First Lancelot goes home to change from his bus uniform. Then he brings Amy and Catalina over to his brother’s house, who I call Trey. Trey is the opposite of Lancelot. He is demur and eloquent. The night seemed to hold more adventure when it was decided to go out for drinks. They made a pit stop for some gas and the plans changed again. Now everyone was to depart and head home. Catalina was dropped off first.
She dressed for bed as her head was reeling from all the twists and turns of the night. Lancelot didn’t give up. He began texting her in an attempt to convince her to allow him to come over. Catalina was warming up to the idea until he stated that he wanted to spend the night with her. Again doing this with someone you haven’t even know for a full 24 hours didn’t sound ideal to her. So she said no and things with Lancelot ended there.

My question to you guys is do you agree with Catalina’s decision. I’d like to hear some feedback. Do you even want a follow up with Jason if it ever happens? Don’t be shy, tell me what you think. I also have a new poll for you to vote on. If you have any stories or ideas of your own, please feel free to submit them.

Approaching a potential match in church: yikes!

Okay please reserve all your judgements until the end of this post and you’ve read the entire story. The female perplexed by this situation is going to be named Catalina for the rest of the post and the male mouthwatering specimen will be named Jason. If you guys don’t like the names, to bad. Now let’s proceed with the story shall we…

Once upon a time on a Friday night at a youth service, Catalina finally gets to see Jason the choir director up close. She has been to this church before on Sunday’s and Jason opens every service. This day in particular inspires her to take notice of him more so than before. She notices that he is genuinely handsome and exudes a charm and kindness that pulls her closer to him. He is different from all the others because of his confidence to sing about his love for the lord day in and day out with an infectious energy. In fact, Catalina’s new found faith was strengthened by the music Jason sings at every service. She decides that she wants to introduce herself to him and see where things go from there.

The first attempt: On the following Friday, Catalina’s nerves are everywhere. There are clear opportunities to make eye contact with Jason but she always looks away. At the end of the service Catalina plans an approach but Jason never leaves the instrumental pit. Catalina and her sidekick Amy (for the purpose of this blog) regroup and come up with an alternate plan. Catalina (being the stalker that she is) knows what exit Jason will come out of. Her and Amy walk up to the exit and wait for him there. By some unforeseen and unfortunate circumstance Jason does exit from the same door but walks in the opposite direction. Catalina is too frustrated to try and catch up with him.

The second attempt: On the first Friday of the month that this particular service is being held. Catalina shows up in a new outfit, heels and an eye catching hair style. She tries to make eye contact with him every chance she gets but he refuses to return any of her glances. Catalina doesn’t lose her cool and remains patient until the end of the service. Eventually he does leave the instrumental pit but is immediately swept away by a young girl that looks like a fan. Catalina decides to wait until Jason is done speaking to the girl because she wanted his complete attention. This finally happens but another person intervenes and takes his attention and him away. Catalina is beginning to read these incidents as a sign from God that maybe she shouldn’t pursue Jason any further. Amy and her other friends tell her she isn’t really making an effort. Here is where the indecisiveness stems from. First, this is a church for crying out loud. Catalina feels as if this breaks every church protocol there is to pick up a guy in church, no matter how great you think he is. Secondly, this is new territory for her. She has never had a crush on someone at church before and no advice given to her could possibly apply to a situation such as this.

Although, this situation seems unlikely to become successful, Catalina is determined to try one last time. She has a full SEVEN days before the next service. I turn her story to you my readers. Please take the time to vote on what she should do next in the poll below or if you have alternate suggestions, comment, advice etc. feel free to post them at the end of this blog.

I’ll be checking back throughout the week to see how the discussion is going. Remember SEVEN days and counting.

Welcome to the Maddness!!!!

I’ve spent almost my whole life in love with the written word. I began writing poetry about an unattainable crush. Then like a plant with strong roots the seed began to grow into a tree. Then I began writing short stories throughout a boring day of school or work. There are two things in life that I am passionate about writing and expressing positivity where ever I can.

Just like words, the verb LOVE has always made me curious. I did everything to learn more. I wanted to know what loving someone else felt like. Once I accomplished that I had to also learn the pitfalls. I will never quote myself as being an expert on the subject, but I definitely understand a lot more about it now. With that being said while I was brainstorming ideas of what kind of content I should discuss in my blog, the idea came to me the way the first image of a masterpiece comes to a painter.

I’m dedicating this blog to the experiences of being single in the city in search of the perfect guy or girl. Some of the topics will be from my experiences and some are not, In order to keep the people in my world anonymous. I will not be using factual names or places.

Here’s a nice twist. Some situations will be discussed as they are unfolding and it will be up to my readers to vote on what decision should be made. Also I’d like this experience to be interactive. Please post your own stories, ideas and opinions as well.

I’m looking forward to this fun experience and hearing your feedback.