Don’t Settle

I chose “Don’t Settle” as the theme for this blog. I’ve recently been introuduced to Jefferson Bethke, a video blogger on YouTube. He has a video diary on the topic of dating. I listened to the one titled  “Don’t Settle” I think we are all guilty of doing this at some point in our life in various relationships. The over all message is to trust in God’s plan for you. There is the right person out there for you, although they’ll never be perfect. The thing I struggle with most is patience. Mentally I am willing to wait for that person to enter my life, but my heart is impatient.
I believe that there is something better waiting for you,  if it didn’t work out in that past relationship. I’ve struggled through some of these feelings. I had to find the bigger picture that no matter how much I wanted it to work, I was only responsible for 50% of the effort to make the relationship work. Then the remainder was up to my partner. In the mist of the chaos I couldn’t wrap my head around it, that there is always the potential of things not being equal in a relationship.
I had to go through a lot of self healing to find hope again. That’s the reason I took a liking to Jefferson’s video blog. He’s all about the bigger picture and his words inspire new hope. Hope and faith are sometimes the strongest emotions of motivation. It is irrelvant as to how you have come to find these things, just be sure to hold on to them as you go through your journey in life.
Without hope and faith, I’m certain that I would’ve ended up in a very dark place. Perhaps, I would’ve become so volitale that eventually I would’ve chased everyone out of my life. I felt the embers of my love slowly being snuffed out each time that I let anger and frustration win. By the good grace of God, I found another way. A way that eventually taught me how to love myself although, I was broken.
I have decided not to settle and run  from the potential of something being amazing just becuase it’s difficult. I’m sure that it was difficult for Jesus to die on the cross for everyone else’s sin.

I have added the video below for you to view. Please share your thoughts and opinion.