There Is A Candle In Your Heart

There is a candle in your heart,
ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul,
ready to be filled.
You feel it, don’t you?
You feel the separation
from the Beloved.
Invite Him to fill you up,
embrace the fire.
Remind those who tell you otherwise that
comes to you of its own accord,
and the yearning for it
cannot be learned in any school.

From: ‘Hush Don’t Say Anything to God: Passionate Poems of Rumi’
Translated by Sharam Shiva


Hosanna: My Cornerstone

I was dead until you breathed new life into me.

Your love has become,

my nectar of immortality.


After drinking from your cup,

My eyes are open to all that I was

blind to.


I see now that you are the way.

The one true path,

that I shall choose to walk from.


My heart was slowly dying,

being ground into many fine pieces of dust.

I decided to take a handful,

and allow it to scatter in the air.


That is until you found me so low one day.

You gave me your hand and pulled me

from the ground.


I was so thankful to lean on you, so that I could walk.

You took the pieces of my heart into your hands,

and began making it whole again.

It was like watching sand become a rock.


How was it possible for me to be worthy

of such a miracle?


You smiled and handed it back to me,

said that I should keep it safe this time.

Silly me,

I thought you meant that I should keep

it locked  away from everyone.


In time, I’ve come to understand your wisdom.

You can love and still be strong.


Love wasn’t meant to make you weak.

Love wasn’t meant to make you feel sorrow.

Love wasn’t meant to take you from yourself.

Love wasn’t meant to make you gullible.



It is the hope that keeps you from

falling into the darkness.

It brings peace inside your heart.

It teaches you compassion.

It makes you selfless.

It gives you purpose.


The day I took your hand was a blessing,

and I have been thankful ever since.

For you, I was waiting all my life.


You rescued me from all my lonely nights.

You removed the scars from my heart,

and showed me how to resurrect my love.


You banished the darkness,

creating the stars to guide  me whenever I lose me way.

I fall to your feet now,

because now I know that you are

my cornerstone and the reason for everything.

No Pressure

Come take a walk with me.

Darling, take my hand as we

walk along the beach.


Listen to the waves of the rolling sea.

They are unsettled like me.

With each foot print I think

I’m beginning to lose my nerve.


Look at the glimmering sun.

It’s beauty pales, when compared

to you.


Oh, how do I put this into words?

Would you be hurt if I was to go away?

Do you really want me to stay?


How could you say

“If you leave, then don’t come back.”


I think it’s beginning to rain.

I watch each droplet get lost in your hair.

Remind me again, what were we fighting about?


Your laughter is the most beautiful

sound I’ve ever heard.

Come dance in this down pour

with me.


I’ve missed days like this.

Yes, even with the fighting.

Shall we continue our walk?


I take my beloved by the hand

and we twirl around and around

once last time in the fading rain.


The wind comes alive

and usher’s us closer.

I now have no doubt in

what I should do.


I release my hold of your waist.

I take hold of your hand, as I

take a bended knee.


This may come as a surprise to you,

but I’ve actually planned everything that

happened today.

Oh, except the rain.


I pull my hands from my pocket

to expose what I’ve been hiding.

I have but one more question…


“Will You Marry Me?” I shout loudly.

I had to throw you off somehow

and by the look on your face, I must’ve.


Spending Time Together


Let’s travel the world.
Let’s spend our time together.
Let’s make time stand still.


Let’s stand on a mountain together and shout.
Let’s say it at the same time, “I Love You.”


Let’s go watch the Northern Lights.
Let’s dance and splash in the rain tonight.


Let’s pose for a photo.
Let’s make a scrapbook.
Let’s promise to always remember this moment.


Baby, lets get married and buy a house.
Let’s have a boy and girl.
Let’s buy a rocking chair.


Let’s sing lullabies on our porch.
Let’s grow old together.
Lets love each other into the next life time.


Let’s sing the truth.
Let’s say it proud.
Let’s say it now,
for me it will always be you.

Working with Words

Let’s travel the world.
Let’s spend our time together.
Let’s make time stand still.

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I don’t see the point in trying anymore,
When it’s clear that you’ve given up and walked away
….long ago.

I don’t know why it took me so long to see it.
I guess, I couldn’t admit just how wrong I was.

I think back on….
All the times you made me
feel so damn small.

How could I have been such a fool,
to let my entire fortress fall,
all for a kiss.

I mean if it was love,
then it wouldn’t have gone away.

We all know real love doesn’t change.
It may grow brighter or dimmer ,
but the roots always remain the same.

Even now with all this wisdom,
my love hasn’t changed.
It has only grown….

Don’t get confused by my words,
I’m defintely over it.
There will be no more of you
raining on my parade.

I have embraced this life without you,
but sometimes being strong is
extremly hard.

I don’t want to lie and say…
I  feel nothing at all.

Sometimes it kills me
to look at you…
and know things will never be the same.

From this point on …
I’ll forever remember you as
the one who bruised my heart.

Now, I know the problem isn’t me.
I wasn’t the one that wanted this for us.
I’m just tired of holding it all back.

In conclusion….
I’ve mastered the art of letting go.