Misery and Love

I feel this pain,
clawing and digging at my skin.
Everything I attempt to satiate it with,
only causes it to take hold of me more.

I think I’ll feel this pain,
until I feel your touch again.
Am I crazy for this?

I told you that I don’t care
if you choose to walk away.
But, every time you’re with me,
I’m begging you to stay.

I feel this pain,
burning and throbbing at my brain.
I down a bunch of pain killers,
but the ache only intensifies.

I must find a way,
to erase you from my memories.
I’d prefer madness to this.

I tell myself to ignore everything,
that I love about you.
But you beat at my heart,
until it let’s you in again.

Oh, why must you hurt me like this?

I feel this pain,
freezing and shattering my heart.
I touch your lips for some warmth,
but that’s only a temporary fix.

I must find a way to stop the pain,
but the distance only causes me to
hunger for you more.

I feel this pain,
gaining a stronger hold on me.
I attempt to shake it free,
but it only tightens the ropes around me.

Damn it! Damn it! Please just set me free.
I no longer want to be apart of this misery.



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