What can I say about myself that people before me haven’t written already? Let’s skip all the boring things that will pop us as soon as you Google me. No one knows what my heart is like, sometimes not even me. Life as a woman can be confusing at times, but I’m in search of many of the same things others are in this life. I want to accomplished, loved, listened to and have a clear sense of purpose. For some explicable reason writing does this for me. Creating something that others are in awe of is extremely gratifying to me. That’s all I want to do is share my love for words with everyone that is willing to read it. I guess I wear my heart on my sleeve so to speak but you’d never know it. All the struggles and disappointment I’ve had to face has hardened me a bit. Then again to be a woman in this generation requires a bit of hardness don’t you think?



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