Scoring A Date The Unconventinal Way: Did Someone Say Online Dating?

Hello world!!!!. I feel extremely quirky right now must be the new pumkin spice coffee I tried this morning. I have a great story for you on online dating. Now we all have some reservatons about making a connection online. Most of the time we assume we’re going to find tons of frogs only seeking booty calls. In some cases that is a possibility, but what if there is a male counter part also seeking something meaningful?

Everyone say hello to Amanda. Amanda has done the conventional ways of finding a date, which range from giving a guy her number at a party, a cute stranger on the street stopping to give her a compliment, and starting a romance at work or school. Long story short, all these beginnings didn’t pan out to lead her any closer to the fairy tale of finding the one.

One day Amanada decided to create a online profile on and threw her fishing pole into a entirely new pond. Now, suddenly the possibilities seemed endless and after a few chats and profile views she settled on a prospect she thought suited her the best. She began to like “Jared’s” personality and decided to meet.

The feeling was mutual and they planned a date. Sadly, the picture didn’t match the man. He wasn’t as visually appetizing, but the date continued. After advice from her friends, she decided to keep at it. Perhaps, there would be a spark…….

Unfortunately someone forgot to light the fuse on the spark and things fizzled shortly. Not the happy ending you thought it would be right? That’s okay and completely normal. Amanda just hasn’t found the right guy yet, but she is fairing pretty good in my opinion.

There were some lessons learned. The most important was the fact that she didn’t judge him based on his appearance. Although, some things prompted her to close the book before turning to the next chapter; she still gave him a second chance. Gee, this sounds like some advice I posted in a previous post.

She is definitely putting herself out there in letting the world know that she is SINGLE and LOOKING.

There is an actual study of just how well women and men fair when it comes to online dating. You may discover some pointers on what you’re doing incorrectly on your profile. check out the link here:

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