Approaching a potential match in church: yikes!

Okay please reserve all your judgements until the end of this post and you’ve read the entire story. The female perplexed by this situation is going to be named Catalina for the rest of the post and the male mouthwatering specimen will be named Jason. If you guys don’t like the names, to bad. Now let’s proceed with the story shall we…

Once upon a time on a Friday night at a youth service, Catalina finally gets to see Jason the choir director up close. She has been to this church before on Sunday’s and Jason opens every service. This day in particular inspires her to take notice of him more so than before. She notices that he is genuinely handsome and exudes a charm and kindness that pulls her closer to him. He is different from all the others because of his confidence to sing about his love for the lord day in and day out with an infectious energy. In fact, Catalina’s new found faith was strengthened by the music Jason sings at every service. She decides that she wants to introduce herself to him and see where things go from there.

The first attempt: On the following Friday, Catalina’s nerves are everywhere. There are clear opportunities to make eye contact with Jason but she always looks away. At the end of the service Catalina plans an approach but Jason never leaves the instrumental pit. Catalina and her sidekick Amy (for the purpose of this blog) regroup and come up with an alternate plan. Catalina (being the stalker that she is) knows what exit Jason will come out of. Her and Amy walk up to the exit and wait for him there. By some unforeseen and unfortunate circumstance Jason does exit from the same door but walks in the opposite direction. Catalina is too frustrated to try and catch up with him.

The second attempt: On the first Friday of the month that this particular service is being held. Catalina shows up in a new outfit, heels and an eye catching hair style. She tries to make eye contact with him every chance she gets but he refuses to return any of her glances. Catalina doesn’t lose her cool and remains patient until the end of the service. Eventually he does leave the instrumental pit but is immediately swept away by a young girl that looks like a fan. Catalina decides to wait until Jason is done speaking to the girl because she wanted his complete attention. This finally happens but another person intervenes and takes his attention and him away. Catalina is beginning to read these incidents as a sign from God that maybe she shouldn’t pursue Jason any further. Amy and her other friends tell her she isn’t really making an effort. Here is where the indecisiveness stems from. First, this is a church for crying out loud. Catalina feels as if this breaks every church protocol there is to pick up a guy in church, no matter how great you think he is. Secondly, this is new territory for her. She has never had a crush on someone at church before and no advice given to her could possibly apply to a situation such as this.

Although, this situation seems unlikely to become successful, Catalina is determined to try one last time. She has a full SEVEN days before the next service. I turn her story to you my readers. Please take the time to vote on what she should do next in the poll below or if you have alternate suggestions, comment, advice etc. feel free to post them at the end of this blog.

I’ll be checking back throughout the week to see how the discussion is going. Remember SEVEN days and counting.


Welcome to the Maddness!!!!

I’ve spent almost my whole life in love with the written word. I began writing poetry about an unattainable crush. Then like a plant with strong roots the seed began to grow into a tree. Then I began writing short stories throughout a boring day of school or work. There are two things in life that I am passionate about writing and expressing positivity where ever I can.

Just like words, the verb LOVE has always made me curious. I did everything to learn more. I wanted to know what loving someone else felt like. Once I accomplished that I had to also learn the pitfalls. I will never quote myself as being an expert on the subject, but I definitely understand a lot more about it now. With that being said while I was brainstorming ideas of what kind of content I should discuss in my blog, the idea came to me the way the first image of a masterpiece comes to a painter.

I’m dedicating this blog to the experiences of being single in the city in search of the perfect guy or girl. Some of the topics will be from my experiences and some are not, In order to keep the people in my world anonymous. I will not be using factual names or places.

Here’s a nice twist. Some situations will be discussed as they are unfolding and it will be up to my readers to vote on what decision should be made. Also I’d like this experience to be interactive. Please post your own stories, ideas and opinions as well.

I’m looking forward to this fun experience and hearing your feedback.