Welcome to the Maddness!!!!

I’ve spent almost my whole life in love with the written word. I began writing poetry about an unattainable crush. Then like a plant with strong roots the seed began to grow into a tree. Then I began writing short stories throughout a boring day of school or work. There are two things in life that I am passionate about writing and expressing positivity where ever I can.

Just like words, the verb LOVE has always made me curious. I did everything to learn more. I wanted to know what loving someone else felt like. Once I accomplished that I had to also learn the pitfalls. I will never quote myself as being an expert on the subject, but I definitely understand a lot more about it now. With that being said while I was brainstorming ideas of what kind of content I should discuss in my blog, the idea came to me the way the first image of a masterpiece comes to a painter.

I’m dedicating this blog to the experiences of being single in the city in search of the perfect guy or girl. Some of the topics will be from my experiences and some are not, In order to keep the people in my world anonymous. I will not be using factual names or places.

Here’s a nice twist. Some situations will be discussed as they are unfolding and it will be up to my readers to vote on what decision should be made. Also I’d like this experience to be interactive. Please post your own stories, ideas and opinions as well.

I’m looking forward to this fun experience and hearing your feedback.